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Reduces Sugar Spikes and Crashes
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  • Reduce Sugar Spikes and Crashes
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  • Doctor Recommended* 
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Feel the difference one meal at a time!
Preventive approach
Stabilize your energy levels with SUGARDOWN®. Take before meals to reduce sugar spikes and crashes.

Natural ingredients
Safe. Derived from plant sources, SUGARDOWN® reduces the breakdown of complex carbs from food.
Clinically tested
Recent studies demonstrate taking SUGARDOWN® before eating showed a reduction in after-meal sugar spikes.
How it Works
What happens when we consume food containing carbohydrates (sugars) and how SUGARDOWN® helps:
During digestion, enzymes breakdown the carbohydrates into smaller components.
One of these components is glucose, which the body needs, but too much glucose (sugar) in the blood stream can be unhealthy, especially for diabetics. 

Taking SUGARDOWN® before meals:
1. Inhibits enzymes that breakdown complex carbohydrates into glucose.

2. Reduces the amount of glucose available for absorption, thus moderates after-meal glucose spikes. 
Are you one of the 100 million Americans who are watching their blood sugar?
Now you can watch your levels stay steady after each meal.
Real People, Real Results
"Last night after taking one tablet of SUGARDOWN® 30 minutes before dinner, my 2 hr. post-meal blood sugar level was 100, the lowest post-meal level I've had. And this was after eating at a restaurant, eating about 20 more grams of carbs than I'm supposed to have at a meal. I'll need another bottle before my trip next month!"
- Jenny 
"I'd like to say it kind of feels like going through the first two weeks of the South Beach Diet without changing your diet - with respect to sugar impact or lack thereof. Energy level is much more consistent and not as impacted by meals - highs and lows much less dramatic. I've been sleeping better too – late eating does not have such an impact. At 37 yrs old, and still use to having a few drinks each day, it's changing my drinking pattern a bit too – I'm more content with less drinks but also don't feel quite impacted by them."
- Kyle
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