Dietary Supplement Supports Healthy Blood Sugar 
and Weight

FDA-Registered Functional Claims: 

• Can support normal blood sugar levels 
• Supports weight management 
• Promotes a healthy digestive system

*SugarDown® Blocks Sugar and Carbs, Supporting your 
Healthy Blood Sugar and Weight Management Plan.
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How it Works  
Sugardown® lowers the glycemic index of carbohydrate foods and sugary drinks.  Sugardown's enzyme blocking power helps block the breakdown of carbs into sugar, reducing sugar spikes and crashes.  

"More Choices"  
I use SugarDown as part of my "Low Carb" lifestyle. In general, I eat very few carbs, getting them mostly from vegetables, dairy & nuts. I allow myself to indulge a bit on the weekends - SugarDown helps me maintain this lifestyle".

The Benefits of Sugardown®
• Enjoy foods without as much worry  
• Less cravings for sugar and carbs
• Feel more energy after meals
• Satisfied with smaller portions
• Feel full longer
• Better digestive health

Start Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey 
with SugarDown®