Professor Brian Leaker MSc DM  FRCP

“Trying to describe what we do is tough. A better way might be to look at our work.”

Dr Brian Leaker MSc, DM, FRCP 

Dr Brian Leaker, Founder & Medical Director at Respiratory Clinical Trials, Nephro-Urology Clinical trials & The Heart Lung Centre.  These specialist clinical research companies RCT (asthma allergy and COPD studies) and NUCT (renal, urology and sexual health studies) focus on early clinical development of novel drugs including novel biomarker development and proof of concept studies.

The companies & clinical trials unit are located in the private independent hospital Fitzrovia Hospital ( 

Dr Leaker has conducted over 300 clinical research studies and has over 200 peer reviewed research publications.

Dr leaker also founded and is medical director of the hospital which provides GP and physician diagnostic services, operating theatres for ophthalmic, orthopaedic surgery including large joint replacement, cosmetic and other international surgery.